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Relational Learning

At The Sterling Hall School, learning is centered in the relationships a boy forms with his teachers. That’s why we hire the best, most empathetic faculty who are natural relationship builders.

Our teachers genuinely love drawing out a smile or a laugh from their students, while creating challenging learning engagements and recognizing a boy’s effort and success. Teachers play so many roles in the students’ lives, from coaches on their sports teams to friendly faces across the lunch table to educators who carefully confirm that each boy understands a learning concept.

When a boy knows that he has a caring environment and thoughtful adults around him, he feels the belonging that he needs in order to take chances.

Whether that be in making a friend or setting and meeting a new goal, he grows confident that he can succeed and even fail. Having faculty who model positive relationships at the heart of our learning process means that teachers can help boys through both the successes and struggles in their academic careers and personal lives. At SHS, that relationship also extends to the parents, who teachers view as partners in their dedication to helping boys succeed.

A final happy result of this relationship-building is the fact that so many SHS boys return even after graduation. Many visit as high school students, often numerous times, and it’s not unusual for a SHS Alumni to maintain contact with one or more of our teachers, even inviting a favourite mentor to his wedding. We’re proud to see how the SHS community continues in our graduates, and we delight in witnessing their progression to confident and compassionate men.