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Boys like to make things explode, bubble, burn and boil! That’s why we provide an active, inquiry-based science program at The Sterling Hall School – it makes our students excited about concepts they will formally understand as chemistry, biology, physics and robotics.

To extend our grounding in traditional classroom learning of curriculum fundamentals such as the scientific method, we offer project-based learning challenges that allow for group and independent research.

Boys get to experiment with assembling robots, making potions, testing mouse traps, and building solar houses. It’s an environment that sees them returning to the classroom at lunch time to ask if they can take one more try at the wind tunnel or one more tweak to perfect their rocket for blastoff.

The SHS science program is also one where we have on occasion welcomed alumni back to engage in independent inquiry projects with the students (our wind machine is popular)—clearly the memory of the fun has continued long past SHS.