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Social Studies

Seeing alumni out in the world as exemplary citizens makes us proud of the excellent grounding that we provide our students in social studies subjects such as history, geography and civics.

At The Sterling Hall School, we ignite a curiosity for becoming informed and responsible citizens of the world. Through projects that incorporate both future-focused questions and an appreciation of the complexities of the past, we help students realize the deep connections in their world, become critical and creative thinkers, and to reflect on their own role in society.

Social studies learning encourages students towards an awareness of continuity and the significance of historical thought evolutions, a recognition of ethics, cause and consequence, and an understanding of factual evidence and historical sources. It is through this lens that our students experience and learn about their community and of communities around the globe.

Through social studies, students gain the ability to understand, participate in, and make increasingly informed decisions about their world.
In younger grades that means investigating community roles, differing perspectives, ancestry and communication styles. Older students take these foundations even further through investigating UN Sustainable Development Goals, debating world conflicts and learning that the past is always multifaceted.