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Primary at SHS

Primary division (Grades 1-2) focuses on fostering a home base community in homeroom while stretching students to deepen foundational skills and experiment with new subjects.

Through direct instruction and hands-on inquiry, boys learn to analyze, build, relate, create and problem-solve. Classes remain small, allowing our teachers to provide individual attention. Explicit social-emotional learning topics help boys to articulate their feelings and establish positive relationships. Ask any boy in this division and they will share their love of Sterling Stars as part of their learning!

In Grades 1 to 2, we focus on fluency in reading and writing as well as foundational mathematics rooted in the Singapore Math system. Boys deepen their knowledge through increased exposure to specialized instruction in French, science, music, art, drama and technology. Experiential learning opportunities as well as interdisciplinary activities help boys to explore learning from different perspectives.

Students enjoy daily physical education, outdoor recess and daily snacks. Daily activities help them to test their independence, which is also furthered through class trips connected to their classroom learning. Boys also continue to be mentored by older boys delighting in their growing connections with others of all ages.