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2. Foundational Literacy and Math Skills

  • Early reading instruction using a daily structured literacy program 
  • Hands on, engaging and challenging math program (incorporates Singapore Math) that reinforces boys’ visual and spatial strengths
  • Writing workshop to help boys develop a sense of authorship, real-world connections and curiosity.
  • Boy-focused programming that inspires curiosity, agency and risk-taking

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Our son developed a strong foundation and a love of reading because of The Sterling Hall School’s literacy program. His teachers have taken a warm and caring approach and given him individualized attention when teaching literacy.

Sarah and Daniel - Parent of 3 boys

"Building literacy skills in children is one of the most effective ways to ensure they can achieve their full potential in school and throughout life.

Literacy opens doors to understanding, empathy, critical thinking, and the capacity for lifelong learning."

Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation
teacher playing a card game with kids